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Do you know how does the vibrating screen work
Vibrating screen is the indispensable equipment in ore dressing operation. Its role is mainly to screen out the finished products we need with the grading screen. Vibrating screen is widely used in mining, building materials, coal, energy, chemical industry, etc. Here is the working principle of a vibrating screen:

The screen box rotates synchronizedly right about relying on two sets of the same vibration motor, making the whole screening machine vibrate linearly at the support of the absorber and the materials will enter the screen box from the feeding port, moving on quickly, loose, through sieve completing screening work.

Vibrating screen is composed by the screening box, vibrating motor, absorber system and base plate etc.Screening box is composed by screen frame, sieve plate,liner, etc.

Vibration motor use the TZDC series vibration motor of high performance and high life as the vibration source to adjust the excitation force of the vibration motor,which could change the amplitude of sieve machine. Absorber system is made up by the rubber spring , lathedog,and supporting seat etc.The base plate is composed by bunker and chassis etc.

The screening order of vibrating screen in its applications commonly includes the following three points:

1, sequence method: screening from the fine to the coarse.

It is convenient to maintain and easy to observe the work of the screen layer sieve. In the process of screening the fine to the coarse, arrandeing in accordance with the screen surface to screen hole increased order.In addition, the uniaxial vibrating screen sieve can along the entire length of the screen surface respectively eduction.

2, overlapping method: screening from coarse to fine.

The shifters of the linear vibrating screen superimposes one by one in the process of its screening from the coarse to the fine, the upper overlap the larger screen mesh, the following each layer of the sieve mesh JianXia gradually.

3, joint method (mixed screening) :in this process, a part of the shifters arranges from the coarse to fine , and the othe part of the shifters arranges from fine to coarse.

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