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5 Tips for Blade & Soul
Hi folks, today we have some useful tips that you might not yet know for you.

Tip 1 sliding

Perhaps you know the problem, you want to slide to a certain point and threatened briefly crashing before or does not reach them. Our advice is: Use the "Escape" as you slide, you will be teleported back or sometimes to your target back to the original position.

Tip 2 Disassembly

After a dungeon you often inventory items you do not need, so it is logical that you want this disassemble. Only comes there always this annoying message in the need to confirm her (with words "use" or "extract"zwinkern that you want to really dismantle the item also. This robs time and nerves! Therefore, our next tip: Disables the message "Setting -> User Interface -> Text confirmation ... -> hoes out".

Tip 3 Switch channel

Most of you will probably know that in Blade and Soul multiple channels are where you can play. If the area is just full of other players, you can quickly search for another channel where it is less crowded. Where to then make peace in his quest to end. On the top right of the screen you can use this feature.

Tip 4 target acquisition

Under Settings -> Targeting you have the possibility to change the crosshair, and various other settings. Our tip: rotate the transparency, and the transparency marker completely to the left so you can better recognize when you have currently targeted. In addition, it is recommended to take color money in Arena because it stands out from other colors especially.

Tip 5 posts

If you've ever asked you how you get your skills or achievements in the chat posting then you can here is the explanation. First, the chat window opens then hold down "Ctrl" and "Master of the Golden path" click with left-click on the title and you're the appear below in the chat box. Exactly the same thing makes it on the skills. (This works only with the skills in your menu bar).

I hope you were able to learn something, if you have any questions you can put them on our Facebook page you like. We will try them all to answer. If you liked the tips, then you are welcome to our site to buy blade and soul gold.
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