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Classification about steel castings you may want to know
Steel casting refers to a technology to produce steel casting parts,which has the similar performance to iron casting,but has higher strength than iron casting.According to the different ingredient in the producing process,steel castings can be divided into three type:cast carbon steel,low alloy steel casting and cast special steel.

1. Cast carbon steel. Carbon as the main alloying elements and a few other elements of the steel. Less than 0.2% carbon for casting low carbon steel, carbon 0.2% to 0.5% in the casting of carbon steel, carbon 0.5% for the casting of high carbon steel. With the increase of carbon content, increasing the strength of steel casting, hardness. Casting carbon steel with high strength, ductility and toughness, low cost, heavy machinery used in the manufacture of large load bearing parts, such as the Rolling Mill, hydraulic machine base, etc.; in the railway vehicle used to produce large force Also bear parts, such as the impact bolsters and side frames, wheels and couplers, etc..

2. Casting low-alloy steel. Containing manganese, chromium, copper and other alloy steel elements. Alloying elements generally less than 5% of the total has more toughness and heat through for better mechanical properties. Casting low-alloy steel than carbon steel produced a better performance, to reduce part quality, increase service life.

3. Cast special steel. To meet the special needs and refining the alloy steel casting, wide variety, usually containing one or more of the high amount of alloying elements to obtain a particular performance. For example, manganese 11% to 14% of the high manganese steel capability impact wear, and more for mining machinery, engineering machinery wear parts; to nickel-chromium or chromium as the main elements of the various alloy steel casting used in corrosive or 650 ℃ and working under high temperature parts, such as chemical industry valve, pump, container or high-capacity power station turbine shell so.

valve casting:
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