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The requirements of precision casting technology
Most of production factories should create conditions for using advanced technology and styling,making the core method,such as precision castings.Old-fashioned style shock or shock compression molding machine production line productivity is not high enough,labor intensity,noise,not suited for mass production requirements,should gradually be transformed.For small castings,it can be horizontal or vertical parting parting of flaskless pressure molding machine production line,real style and high production efficiency, the area is also less;pieces can be used for a variety of in a box high pressure molding machine production line,gas impact molding line to adapt to rapid,high-precision molding production line requirements.

Moderate quantities of large castings can consider the application of self-hardening resin sand molding and core making.

Single and small batch production of heavy castings, hand molding is still an important method of hand-shape can adapt to a variety of complex requirements more flexible and does not require a lot of technical equipment.For a single- piece production of heavy castings,pit modeling method using low cost,production fast. Mass or long-term production of styling products using multi- box modeling,box modeling method is more suitable for splitting,although molds,sand box,etc.started to invest high,but modeling work from savings,improve product quality be compensated.

The same example is the production of large-scale machine bed castings,the general shape of the core group of law does not make appearance and sand box, on the ground pit group core;while another plant sand box modeling method is used,the production looks like. Different production conditions(including equipment, space, staff quality,etc.),production habits are not the same experience,it should be considered under these conditions for what products and is not suitable(or not) what product.

Accuracy requirements and cost

Obtained by the method of casting precision casting different initial investment and productivity is also inconsistent,and ultimately economic benefits are also differences.Therefore,to do more, faster,better and cheaper,they should take into account all aspects. Respond to the chosen method of casting a preliminary cost estimate to determine the economic efficiency but also ensures that the requirements of foundry casting method.

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