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The good news -Jollyhers free shipping kids clothing is the majority of children sent to the ER after trike accidents are treated and released. Only 224 of the more than 9,000 injured were admitted to the hospital. Deaths have increased, but not at a statistically significant rate, according to an earlier study.
Knowing the types of injuries tykes on trikes may experience should help doctors make safety equipment recommendations.
As an emergency room doctor in Ohio, Dr. Gary Smith has seen his share of tricycle accident patients over the years. He thinks the study is a good start, although he cautions about drawing significant conclusions from two years of data, which he considers narrow. Smith, the president of the Child Injury Prevention Alliance, has worked with similar data and said he'd love to see expanded research.
Smith said he doesn't recommend elbow pads, but helmets are a must for his own children any time they take a ride. When parents ask for advice, he tells them it's their choice, but he has three suggestions: "Wear a helmet, wear a helmet, wear a helmet," Smith said.
Bike injuries are on the rise, but there's still reason to ride
His organization has done crash tests with tricycles. Injuries from falls can be significant. "Concrete is unforgiving and it doesn't take a fall from very high to cause a serious transfer of energy. We've even seen a child die after a fall on concrete from only 4 feet up," he said. "These injuries are not always this serious. I've also seen children come in with bruises, bumps and slight concussions, but I don't want to take that chance with my own child."
The authors of the study in Pediatrics suggest manufacturers consider a couple of design changes to help make tricycles safer. An earlier study found that most accidents happen when a child turns the handlebars too fast and tips over or falls. Most children don't have the depth perception or coordination yet to catch themselves or to fall without injury. Limiting the turning radius of a trike may prevent these accidents. A device that limits the maximum speed may also help, especially for children living on or riding near hills. Most tricycles don't have brakes.
Overall, Smith and the authors think riding tricycles is a good experience for children. There are even benefits to falling, with the right equipment.
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22. Juni 2017 10:03

It may seem as if Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Lily-Rose Depp, Brooklyn Beckham and Georgia May Jagger only recently swept onto the girl clothes free shipping , but a new group of celebrities’ children are already rising through the ranks. They’re as young as 14 and no older than 23, have thousands and sometimes millions of Instagram followers (because having Instagram is a given) and have appeared in campaigns and shows for the likes of Chanel, Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney.

They’ve been interviewed by Vogue, W magazine, Nylon and more, and had their photos taken in the front rows of major shows. They have access to photographers and stylists of the highest caliber, and have traveled around the world.

There are now enough of them to qualify as a phenomenon unto itself. Call them Generation Celebrity Spawn. They were famous initially because of their parentage — household names in music, film and modeling such as Jude Law, Cindy Crawford, Lauryn Hill, Lionel Richie, Pamela Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis, to name a few — and the luck of their genes. But they are smart enough to realize that with a bit of social media effort, they could parlay that start into a career where they are paid to mostly just be themselves. They are ascending quickly and are unlikely to go anywhere soon.

So, for the rest of us, here is a field guide to Generation C.S., ordered by the size of their Instagram followings as of Oct. 18.
17. Juni 2017 10:51

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