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Thirty years ago, Nike revolutionized the running shoe with its launch of the Air Max 1, also known as the Air Max 87. Though Air technology had been implemented in previous shoes, this was the first time the air pockets were not Nike Air Max Classic BW Dames only enlarged, but Adidas ZX Flux Damen Schwarz made visible through a partially transparent sole. Tinker Hatfield's design was mindblowing, an entirely backwards approach to the design of a shoe, building it from the bottom up and presenting it from the inside out.

For runners, it was one of the first shoes that offered the opportunity to make anything other than hard, flat contact with the pavement. Shoes had indeed evolved beyond the original waffle trainers and by then were offering offset heel-to-toe structure, but this was a different level of cushioning.

This is not information that is pertinent to most of the attendees around me, who are still mesmerized by the new shoes before them. I take some comfort in the fact that I can indeed run, and hope that I don't have to take the VaporMax on a trial sprint, as I consider the possibility of being robbed.

The Nike Roshe Run Femme Fleur Air Max 1's contribution Nike Air Max 95 Dames now is not necessarily evaluated based on its importance in running history, even though it opened the doors for the stability shoes that Chris McDougall hates but the majority of the population without a perfect stride tend to rely upon. Instead, it is an iconic piece, and a monumental link between athletics and fashion.

It's not unusual for a functional piece of sporting attire to be worn in everyday life as fashion. Baseball caps and jerseys have become normalized as casual wear over the years. In terms of footwear, basketball shoes are worn casually off the court. But in terms of actual functional running shoes, it's tough to think of a shoe other than the Air Max that is still deemed cool fashion wear. If you were to wear your Mizuno Waves to the bar at night, it's unlikely you'd get Nike Air Max Thea Donna props from anyone Nike Roshe Run Femme Noir other than the guy who just ran 35K and is celebrating with a cider.

The Sneakeasy is indeed in the upper level of what used to be a fish market, now converted into an event space. The layout is that of an art gallery, with several of Toronto's top artists and fashion designers tasked with representing a specific historical model of the Air Max.

Bryan Espiritu, founder of the Legends League clothing company, chooses the original Air Max. He designs a space meant to draw a parallel between the changing social and political landscape of 1987 and the avant garde construction of the shoe.