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<p>help.Ecological floor is an ecological building materials, green, save resources, can reduce environmental pollution. Many consumers easy to confuse the ecological floor and laminate flooring, to know where the difference between them, let's take a look at the difference between eco-floor and laminate flooring. First, the difference between eco-floor and laminate flooring 1, from the substrate to </p>
<p>see: &quot;eco-floor&quot; using the original natural forest, harder wood, wood fiber more resilient, low swelling rate of water, &quot;traditional laminate flooring&quot; Natural forest and fast-growing mixed forest, wood softer substrate, wood fiber that is more resilient. 2, &quot;eco-floor&quot; with six closed technology, surrounded by double waterproof, moisture-proof treatment, waterproof, moisture-proof performance is </p>
<p>stronger. 3, the ecological floor with &quot;multiple cross-infiltration&quot; technology, the depth of paint molecules acting on the floor substrate, resulting in super-adhesion, the floor surface more wear-resistant, clear texture, three-dimensional sense of hierarchy, with solid wood flooring the same Natural texture, nice. Strengthen the floor, solid wood view than the ecological floor. Second, the principle of </p>
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