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BEIJING, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- Following are the top 10 Chinese athletes in 2013 voted by Xinhua News Agency:

1. Li Xiaoxia (table tennis)

Won the world women's singles title in Paris, completing a "grand slam" of Olympic, world championships and World Cup singles titles; also won her third straight world doubles title.

2. Ding Junhui (snooker)

Won in Shanghai Masters, India Open and Chengdu International Akeem Ayers Super Bowl Jersey , and recorded a 22-game winning streak with his world ranking raised to No. 2.

3. Lin Dan (badminton)

Won his fifth world championship singles crown as a wild card and his third straight National Games singles title.

4. Zheng Zhi (soccer)

Voted AFC Player of the Year for his role in Guangzhou Evergrande's victorious double - AFC Champions League and Chinese Super League.

5. Zhang Peimeng (athletics)

Clocked 10.00 seconds in the world championships to set the Chinese men's 100m record and went on to take the National Games gold in 10.08.

6. Guo Chuan (sailing)

Finished his nonstop circumnavigation in 138 days as he sailed back to Qingdao on April 5, setting a new world record in Class 40 boat.

7. Li Na (tennis)

First Asian to reach the WTA Championships final with her world ranking elevated to No. 3.

8. Xiong Chaozhong (boxing)

Twice defended his WBC minimum weight championship, the first Chinese boxer to ever win a world title.

9. Liao Hui (weightlifting)

Shattered the 10-year-old clean-and-jerk world record and 14-year-old total world record en route to winning the men's 69kg class at the world championships.

10. He Chong (diving)

Won his third straight 3m springboard title at the world championships and defended his National Games crown.


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Top Chinese sports news selected by Xinhua

BEIJING, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- Following is a list of top sports news in China selected by Xinhua News Agency (in time order):Full Story

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