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The End-Game Dungeons of Blade & Soul
In terms of PVE content the game is a little bit lacking (the asian regions have a lot more content PVE wise than we have seen in alpha). For us right now there are only a few end-game dungeons, the replay value of them comes from the fact that loot is bid based so you'll have to do them a few times to get your weapon upgrades and bopae or any outfits you want from them. There is additional replay in the fact that there are harder versions of the dungeons to do with smaller groups.

If you're really completely not a PVP guy your mileage may not be what it would be for a game like FFXIV for example.

As far as I'm aware there aren't any raids outside of grouping for fieldbosses.
Every class has potential in PVE, KFM can spec into taunts and have fantastic block and good damage output to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Assassins have incredible single target DPS, Summoners have great utility and solo capability (although all classes can solo) and so on.

It's my personal opinion that the PVP is an integral part of this game and without it, there may not be a whole lot to keep you occupied, but that's just my opinion and I'm sure there are plenty of contrasting opinions out there.

They've stated that we'll be put on 3.0 for skill balancing. If you can find me some source of information stating we'll be on 3.0 in terms of PVE content and that things like Mushin Tower are going to be in for launch I'd appreciate it. However 3.0 isn't even the most recent patch...

Also comparing it to Archeage which is a Sandbox MMORPG is ridiculous. You're not going to be doing trade runs and building your house or a boat or growing crops in this game to make up for being disinterested in PVP. You're going to be doing dungeons, raids and title/outfit hunting. That is the content that you will be stuck doing for a significant period of time because it's what there is to do. The content I listed was from another region and if you can otherwise prove all of that will be in the game then so be it.

Fact of the matter is that in this game if you hate PVP you're going to have a more tedious time unlocking certain traits/skills, and earning materials for weapon upgrades with Blade & Soul Items. This has been said time and time again and it's absolutely ridiculous to dismiss it with "regardless that this game is PvP oriented". It is, and that matters to people who aren't interested at all in PvP.
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