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The 5 Best Quarterbacks In Madden 18
We are less than a month away from having Madden 18 in our hands and starting to show the ratings of the best players by position. As always, we started with the quarterbacks and obviously the best of the game must be who is going to be on the cover, the one who has 5 Super Bowl rings and eliminated a 25 point advantage in Super Sunday: Tom Brady.

These are the 5 best quarterbacks in Madden 18

5. Ben Roethlisberger - Steelers - 91 OVA

The years go by and Big Ben is still one of the best in his position. Among the best features of the Steelers quarterback are: 82 strength, which makes it quite difficult to shoot down and is the second best in the whole game in throwing running, with 93. It is ideal to extend the plays until the last moment .

4. Drew Brees - Saints - 92 OVA

Brees is one of the most complete QBs in Madden 18. His precision is incredible in any type of pass (short, medium and long) and that along with Brady is the only one that has 99 in AWR, so his mistakes go to be limited. He still has enough strength in his arm to throw 50-yard bombs.

3. Matt Ryan - Falcons - 96 OVA

The MVP of the 2016 Season. Ryan does everything right, especially the medium and long trajectories. His arm is not one of the strongest in the NFL, but he's good enough to complete routes both inside and outside the number mark. That is, it is quite slow and has no precision when it is moving in the bag.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Packers - 98 OVA

Rodgers is almost as good as number one on our list. He is the best throwing in movement, he has a cannon in the arm and if you are losing in the last seconds and you need a Hail Mary to rescue you the game he is the one.

1. Tom Brady - Patriots - 99 OVA

Are you really going to question this?

Ratings of other quarterback in Madden 18:

Russell Wilson - Seahawks - 90 OVA
Andrew Luck - Colts - 90 OVA
Cam Newton - Panthers - 88 OVA

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